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Before we touch a line of code, you’ll need to send us some assets. Download this handy-dandy website checklist … Opens in a new window to the Website Checklist PDF… . Then, scroll down for helpful info and tips to make your website an easy and all-around fun experience.

How to Kick Off Your Website Project

Just complete these next six steps and you're off to the races!



Fill out this survey first to give us the info we need to take your marketing to the next level.


Next, fill out these surveys to tell us your vision for your new website and to send us any third-party info.


Finally, fill out the Marketing Basics survey to help us understand the marketer you want to become.


Examples of the Evolve logo created by HipCat Society
  • What does .ai or .eps mean?

    .ai and .eps are the vector files of your logo. They’re based on math (not pixels) and are the best files to work with.

    If you’re unsure what that means, ask your printer! They should have a copy of it.

  • What if my logo is outdated, or I don't like it?

    If your logo needs a facelift, we’ll take your current logo and modernize it to WOW everyone.

    With small revisions – like new fonts and colors – your updated logo will make a huge impact; it’ll be legible and striking in every instance.

    The Branding Boost includes:

    • Dedicated designer
    • Alternate logo versions
    • Optimal file types
    • Branding starter kit
  • What if I received my logo but can’t open it?

    It’s ok. Send it over to us. You most likely need a special design program to open it.

  • I only have my logo in a .jpg or .png. Will that work?

    If you only have a rasterized logo (.jpg, .png), send what you have. We can check to see if it’ll work (and if not, we do offer services for recreating your logo as a vector).



You only have three seconds to grab your customer’s attention.

Stand out from the crowd with real photos. PRO TIP: Be yourself and let the photography do the work.

Photoshoot tips:

If you don’t have professional photos, that’s okay!

Send us what you have and we’ll fill in the blanks with beautiful (and licensed) stock photography.

Why stock photos?
  • Start your website project right away
  • Professional quality
  • Picked out by experts – at no cost to you

Videos are powerful in showing customers your brand’s values. After all, they do increase conversions by 80%.

If you have videos, send them over! Need help shooting your videos? Download this helpful guide. … Opens in a new window to a PDF about how to make videos…

What to shoot:
  • Introduce your business

  • About you and your team

  • About your service + product

  • Customer testimonials

  • If I go with stock photos, could I update my site with real photos later?

    If you decide to do a photoshoot later, you totally can update your website with new photos. Your Express Website is designed to update your content easily (you don’t even need to know a lick of code).

    Could you do it for me?

    Updating your website with new photos is not a service we offer.

  • How should I send my video to you?

    Please follow these instructions:

    • Your video must be under five minutes
    • Upload your video to YouTube
    • Send us the link to your video
    • We’ll take care of the rest


  • Can't you upload the video to my website?

    Adding actual video files to a website slows it down. A slow website will frustrate your website visitors. They’ll hop off your site as soon as they land on it (you don’t want that!).

    Uploading your videos to YouTube and sending us the link ensures your site isn’t bogged down with heavy files, making it Road Runner fast (beep, beep!).



Do you have an active social presence? Let’s show it on your website with a Facebook or Instagram feed.

It’s an excellent way to continuously add fresh photos and content.

  • How can you add my third-party app into my website?
    Your third-party service most likely has the code and information we need.

    Simply ask them for it and forward it to us. Nothing to it.

  • Common third-party connectors
    • EMBED CODES: Many plugins or apps provide a special embed code (HTML) for our developers to place on your website. This can be found within the plugin or app.
    • SERIAL CODES: To activate a purchased plugin, we may need the serial key you received at time of purchase.
    • LINKS or URLs: Often we don’t need to integrate your third party app but simply need a link to the page you want us to reference.
    • API KEYS: Apps linking to or incorporating other apps normally require a special API key. You can retrieve this from the app itself or the app’s administrator/developer.
    • APP LOGINS: In some rare instances, we may require your apps login details to integrate an app into your website. However, if you prefer not to provide this information, then we can assist you in adding the app yourself.



Prove you’re worth the purchase with reviews and testimonials.

People value customer reviews and it influences their purchasing decisions where 89% trust online reviews … Opens in a new window to Bright Local’s website… as much as personal recommendations.

What to send:

Have any awards or honorable mentions? If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

People LOVE seeing the recognition you’ve received.

What to send:
  • Award logos or badges
  • Links to websites or articles
  • Magazine images
  • Photos of you receiving the award/accolade

Giving back to your community is not only the right thing to do, but it’s an ample opportunity to put your business in a positive light.

Send us over any local events you’ve participated in and we’ll display it on your website.

What to send:
  • Photos of you at the event
  • Links to the charities you contribute to
  • Logos of charities and events
  • I use a third-party app for my reviews. Can I put that on my website?
    Most likely, yes!

    To put your reviews widget on your website, tell your provider you want to put your reviews on the site. There’s a good chance, they’ll send you HTML code and instructions on how to put it on your site. All you need to do is forward it to your dedicated BrandMaster – we’ll take it from there.



Decide and purchase your website’s address when customers visit (www.yourdomain.com, .net, .co, .us, etc.)

When you purchase your domain, send us the logins and we’ll update your DNS to launch your site.

Where to purchase:

Hosting keeps your website live and functioning on the Internet.

It’s included with your website for the first 12 months. Then, it’s a small fee of $20/month.

Benefits of hosting:
  • Secure email setup and monitoring
  • Ongoing server tech maintenance
  • Helps with a smoother launch
  • SSL certificate setup

Need a business email? We can help set one up for you.

Be sure to choose which email address you’d like, such as info@website.com, hello@website.com, etc.

What's included?
  • One branded email account
  • Secure email setup and monitoring
  • Each additional email account is $5 / month
  • Do you manage my domain?

    We don’t manage your domain. You’ll need to manage it.

    When you purchase your website domain, simply send us the logins to your admin account. This helps us switch over your Domain Name System (DNS) while we launch your website.

    The sooner you provide us the logins to your account, the smoother the launch of your website will be.

  • Do I have to pay for hosting?
    Our fast, secure hosting platform is required for 12 months automatically and is INCLUDED in your website price.

    After the 12 months, you’ll need to pay a small fee of $20 per month.

  • I already have a business email. Can I transfer it to you?
    We cannot transfer and host current emails.

    We’d be more than happy to set up any new email addresses you’d like. Please note: Your contract includes one branded email box and then each additional email is $5 per month.

  • I need additional help.
    If you need help obtaining your domain login and access, additional technical support is available at an additional charge.

    This extra help includes:

    • Interface with your technical person
    • Contact your domain management company for access
    • Answer all your questions
  • What's a SSL certificate?

    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It ensures your domain is secure, moving your site from HTTP to HTTPS. Google has cited HTTPS as a ranking factor.

Now It's Time for the Kick Off Call

Once you send us all your assets, we'll schedule your call with the team. Here's what to expect:
  • The kick off call focuses on how to put your website together
  • You’ll meet Dominque (your lead designer) and Arron (your lead writer)
  • They’ll divide the call in two sections: design + content
  • Dominque wants your personality to shine on your website
  • He’ll ask about your branding goals and what feeling you want your site to evoke
  • You’ll discuss what websites you like (and what you don’t) to help get your vision across
  • Arron will discuss how to take your message and turn it into inspiring, digestible content
  • He’ll ask thought-provoking questions to hone in on your uniqueness
  • You’ll both discuss your brand’s voice to ensure the real you shines
  • You’ll confirm your sitemap (webpages)
  • You and the team may come up with some additional assets to send over
  • A date will be set for us to start building your kickass website
  • Your BrandMaster will send a call summary to keep everyone on the same page
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